Neptune Fertilizer Injection Pumps


Neptune Fertilizer Injection Pumps are reliable and built to last. Neptune offers a complete line of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps. The most common pump is the simplex 100 gallon per hour unit, but the duplex 200 gallon-per-minute version is also available. We offer these completely assembled with PVC hoses, screen filter, cord, and Banjo Ends or as a bare unit.


  • Better control of fertilization.
  • Time and convenience – designed to meet the requirements of your fields.


  • The Neptune pump uses hydraulic oil to actuate a diaphragm which then moves back and forth to meter the fertilizer. 
  • The distance the diaphragm moves is controlled by a simple tool-free stroke knob, with settings from 10-100 gallons per hour. 
  • All moving parts are constantly submerged in oil and enclosed from the environment, meaning long life and reliability.
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