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Servicing Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

At North Central Irrigation, we understand the challenges facing today’s agriculture industry and have the knowledge and experience needed to help solve any irrigation concern you may be facing, large or small scale. Year round, we offer the finest products on the market today and are ready to provide you with the commitment and expertise only fifty years of continued service can bring.

While Valley pivots are accepted as the best in the industry, no equipment is infallible. The company stands behind its 8 year/8000 hour warranty without exception. We realize an unexpected shutdown during the busy irrigation season can result in a critical situation for your crop.

We strive to give our customers 100% same day service. Our team of service specialists are Valmont® trained and certified.  They have the experience needed to get your equipment functioning properly once more in a fast and efficient manner. Their trucks are stocked with the equipment and parts needed to ensure if work cannot be completed in one trip, as few visits as possible will be made. 

Contact (715)-335-6368 and speak with our Service Specialist about your service needs today!

Electrical Services

Electrical Services are offered year round. Whether you need a repair or new installation, we have the right guys for the job. Experienced and friendly staff here to help with any project..

Irrigation VFD

NCI has experience with just about every brand of irrigation VFD available. The sky is the limit with options and controls. Converting single phase to three phase is our most common installation, but even three phase panels are gaining popularity.

irrigation design

Pivot Design

We take the time to engineer your machine to fit your field properly. This involves: talking and planning with you, measuring your field, computer span layout, 3-D terrain analysis, and finally a quote

irrigation pipe

Water Hook-ups & Welding

We have almost unlimited capability to fabricate and build whatever you may need. Aluminum water hook-ups build to last, repairing pipes, rebuilding pivot points, farm equipment repairs, and basic welding.

irrigation crash

Crash Repair

CRASH! Life happens. Mother Nature happens. Distracted workers happen. Whether it is by man, nature or malfunctioning control systems, we have you covered.



North Central has extensive experience towing used spans.  We have 2 boom trucks and span carts to make your moving project go fast.  The trucks are set-up with special towing stubs that secure the span and prevent bent pipes.  Anyone can tow spans, but no one can tow them as fast or as safely as we can.  We also have the ability to tow corner arms.