Precision Irrigation to Optimize Water Resources

The need for uniform and accurate water delivery to the crop throughout its life-cycle is essential to maximizing yield and maintaining the health of the plant. We at North Central Irrigation recognize this, and that’s why we offer several solutions to your precision water application challenges.

Trimble Irrigate-IQ VRI

A smarter way to irrigate

Trimble Irrigate-IQ Uniform Corner

Advancing smart Irrigation

Valley VRI Speed Control

Control Your irrigation application

Valley VRI Zone Control

Maximize your efficency

VRI Prescriptions

Customize your irrigation application to maximize results

The new Valley® X-Tec® center drive motor delivers the ultimate combination: top-performing speed for high-speed irrigation cycles and dynamic power to take on even the toughest terrains. With Valley FastPass technology, you can apply a light application of irrigation to cool crops, gain precision in chemigation and foliar applications and deliver even greater application uniformity. The patented alignment technology and robust DC motor keep the center pivot moving at a smooth and consistent pace, even over varied terrain.