Nothing creates more return on your irrigation investment, then adding a fertilizer injection pump to your machine.  We carry complete pumps and every replacement part, but the base.  We keep these in stock at all times to insure maximum uptime during the season.  Use the parts list below to identify which part you need.  Pumps motors are available in 3 phase or 1 phase, with 3 phase being the most popular.  The CDS John Blue design is time tested and accurate.

CDS john blue fertilizer pump CDS john blue fertilizer pump

Super reliable and heavily built Neptune Diaphragm Injection pumps will last you a long time.  The Neptune pump uses hydraulic oil to actuate a diaphragm which them moves back and forth to meter the fertilizer.  The distance the diaphragm moves in controlled by a simple tool-free stroke knob, with settings from 10-100 gallons per hour. All moving parts are constantly submerged in oil and enclosed from the environment, meaning long life and reliability.  The most common pump is a the simplex 100 gallon per hour unit (pictured below), but duplex 200 gallon per minute version is also available. We offer these completely set-up with PVC hoses, screen filter, cord, and Banjo Ends or as a bare unit.

neptune fertilizer pump Diaphragm housing and check valves

neptune fertilizer pump Enclosed gear case with oil fill and breather

When it comes to wire, we have you covered with everything from Aluminum Underground, to pump control wire, to Span Cable.  Below is just a small sampling of what we have in stock.  Many rolls are ordered to the exact footage for a specific job, and never stay in inventory or the yard very long.  This minimizes waste, and allows us to have the lowest possible prices on wire for you

irrigation wire Quad #2 and Quad #4 Aluminum Wire

irrigation wire 14/2 and 14/3 UF Pump Wire

irrigation wire Machine Span Cable

Rotary Phase Converters.  Heavy Duty Baldor Motors, Nema 3 Capacitor Enclosure.

Sizes available: 3/10 ($1865), 5/15 ($2136), 7.5/20 ($3211).

Will freight ship for additional cost.

rotary phase converter

rotary phase converter

rotary phase converter

X-CAD Auto Valves, with bolt kits 6″ ($565.00) and 8″ ($1085.00) A must when controlling your pivots remotely.  In stock, Call today!

irrigation valve irrigation valve

irrigation valve

T6061 Aluminum ANSI flanges, EXTREME DUTY, no chance of breakage like cast aluminum flanges (See right picture).  NCI Exclusive product. US Made, CNC machined for an exact fit.  3/4″ Thick.  Securely holds diaphragm type valves or butterfly valves.

irrigation flange irrigation flange

For odd shaped fields where pivots don’t make sense, a traveling gun maybe the answer. North Central is your dealer for Kifco and AG-RAIN.  

We can customize your traveling gun to do whatever you want.  Engine drive, remote monitoring, water connection, etc.

Whatever your traveling gun accessory needs are, we can help you out.  We stock lay flat hose and ring lock ends.  We can also rebuild your Nelson or Komet end guns.

kifco ag-rain water reel The white box mounted by the hydraulic levers is the remote telemetry box.




kifco ag-rain water reel This was a gas turbine model. A small Honda engine winds in the hose.




irrigation lay flat hose


6″ Lay Flat Hose, with galvanized ring lock ends and stainless steel clamps



snap-tite irrigation hose Urethane Water Winch Hose. The ultimate. If you have to replace it, use this.

When you chose a Valley Center Pivot you chose the best

Not only in terms of machine longevity, but also in the people at North Central, done right the first time.  With North Central Irrigation,there is no corner cutting for quick profits.  lasting value  that can’t be matched by the competition.

Every part of the buying process from field layout, to electrical design, to the actual building is given the proper attention to insure the machine will work correctly

With factory trained experts you can expect the pivot to run properly and longer than the competition. Couple that with the industry leading warranties and you will get the best return on investment









North Central carries a variety of sizes of underground PVC pipe to meet your needs. Prices change often due to the market. Call or e-mail for a quote today!

  • 6″ PIP 100#
  • 6″ PIP 125#
  • 6″ IPS 125#
  • 8″ PIP 80#
  • 8″ PIP 100#
  • 8″ PIP 125#
  • 8″ IPS 125#
  • 10″ PIP 100#

What is the difference between PIP and IPS pipe? 

  • PIP= Stands for “Plastic Irrigation Pipe” size.  This pipe is rated by size by its outside diameter.  For example: 6″ PIP will measure 6″ on the outside of the pipe.
  • IPS= Stands for “Iron Pipe Size”.  This pipe is rated by the size of its inside diameter.  For example: 6″ IPS will measure 6″ on the inside of the pipe.

irrigation supplies

Underground Risers

North Central also carries a full line of custom built underground risers.  These riser are heavy 10 gauge steel (Standard risers are only 12 gauge), thick hot dipped galvanizing, and feature the most robust triple-lip square-back lower gasket in the industry.  No more worries about rolling gaskets or thin pipe.  These risers are built to last for a very long time, and will provide you with the greatest value.  You will also like the prices!

NCI’s Heavy Duty J-Pipes




NCI’s Triple Lip Square Back Gasket




Competition’s Round Back Gasket




 NCI ‘s Square Back Gasket 

Snap-Tite hose is 100% made in the USA!  It offers many benefits over traditional rubber traveling gun soft hose.  The greatest benefits are not cracking while been stored on the hose reel, resists kinking, and has superior abrasion resistance than rubber.  It is available in 4″ ID and 4-1/2″ID sizes and comes in 660′ rolls only.  Priced very competitively with a much longer life.

snap-tite irrigation water winch hose Blue Urethane Hose will not crack in the sun or on the reel






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