Fertilizer Injection Pumps


Neptune Fertilizer Pumps

Super reliable and heavily built Neptune Diaphragm Injection pumps will last you a long time. The Neptune pump uses hydraulic oil to actuate a diaphragm which them moves back and forth to meter the fertilizer. The distance the diaphragm moves in controlled by a simple tool-free stroke knob, with settings from 10-100 gallons per hour. All moving parts are constantly submerged in oil and enclosed from the environment, meaning long life and reliability. The most common pump is a the simplex 100 gallon per hour unit (pictured below), but duplex 200 gallon per minute version is also available. We offer these completely set-up with PVC hoses, screen filter, cord, and Banjo Ends or as a bare unit.

CDS john blue fertilizer pump

John Blue Fertilizer Pumps

Nothing creates more return on your irrigation investment, then adding a fertilizer injection pump to your machine. We carry complete pumps and every replacement part, but the base. We keep these in stock at all times to insure maximum uptime during the season. Use the parts list below to identify which part you need. Pumps motors are available in 3 phase or 1 phase, with 3 phase being the most popular. The CDS John Blue design is time tested and accurate.